Bluebells roomAs the children reach their next stage of development they move to our Bluebell room. This room meets the ages of 2-2 ½ to 3 years. The playroom is designed to allow our toddlers the space and stimulation that this age group require. We enhance and encourage newly developed physical and language skills through learning based play. Although structured, this approach to developing young skills allows the children to feed their needs and interests in a very informal fashion – children are never asked to participate in a particular activity, only offered a choice of activity from several which are set up within the session.

A sleeping time is encouraged for younger full time children, usually after lunch and small toddler beds are provided for this. A sleep policy is available. We work with parents closely to establish potty training when parents decide the time is right. Separate bathrooms with small toilets and potties are used. Parents receive feedback on the child’s day through verbal means and the use of displays around the Bluebell’s area.

We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage in all of our under three areas.

Early Foundation Stage Curriculum “Birth – Pre-school”

Play underpins the delivery of the activities and opportunities your child will have. Free flow is promoted throughout the babies and toddler areas, giving opportunity to explore freely. The focus is around the prime areas

  • Personal, social and emotional
  • Physical development
  • Communication and language