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Location - Headlands

At Acorn Childcare, we aim to provide our local communities with high-quality childcare to all, regardless of race, sex, culture or special needs.  

We aim to provide a secure and welcoming environment that creates the space and comfort needed to allow children to enjoy developing and growing in their own capabilities and confidence.  

We encourage children’s social and emotional development within a caring and friendly environment.  We work to help build children’s sense of self-value and confidence. 

We work to understand and meet the needs of each child on an individual basis whilst encouraging the children’s consideration of peer groups and appreciation of different cultures and backgrounds. 

We encourage children’s physical and intellectual development, providing activities that strengthen and expand their capabilities within an enjoyable play setting. 

We aim to provide parents with clear information regarding their own family’s activities within Acorn Childcare, whilst protecting the privacy and security of other children and families.  

We work to ensure that all staff are provided with equal access to further qualifications and responsibilities where required and are secure and valued within their working environment.  

We are pleased to say that all staff are involved in achieving the goals and aims held within our organisation.